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Best-in-class tracking for your vehicles, trailers, and equipment—all in one place.


Stay on top of operations from anywhere

You don’t have to worry when you know where your drivers, vehicles, equipment, and trailers are.



Maximize fleet productivity

With real-time fleet tracking software, eliminate inefficiencies in your fleet’s daily operations to work smarter, not harder.


Give customers
real-time visibility

When your customers know the status of their goods, they don’t have to ask you.


Before, my plant managers would have to call to ask where the truck is and would have to wait 30 minutes for the next refresh to give an update. Now, they don’t have to call me at all. They can check right on their phone and find out where that truck is.”

Ready to turn your cost center into a profit center?

See and share where all your drivers, vehicles, and trailers are—and where they’ve been—to help grow your business.

Frequently asked questions

The GPS update latency can vary based on the rate of change in vehicle speed and direction. Updates are typically received as fast as 2 seconds when the rate of change of speed or direction is high. The slowest update frequency will be 30 seconds, assuming the vehicle is in a location with slower network connectivity. For trailer or equipment tracking, GPS coordinates are collected every 1 min when the trailer is in motion.

Vehicle locations are recorded by the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway, which is equipped with a GPS chip inside the device. When the vehicle is in motion, GPS coordinates can be collected as fast as every 2 seconds. 

Drivers who connect to a Vehicle Gateway will have their locations match that of the vehicle. Drivers who use the KeepTruckin Driver App without a Vehicle Gateway will have locations updated from their mobile phones.

Asset locations are recorded by the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway, which is equipped with a GPS chip inside the device. When the trailer or equipment is in motion, GPS coordinates can be collected as fast as every 60 seconds.

No. The Asset Gateway is a fully independent product that can be used with or without the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway. While all of our products are designed to work alongside each other through the KeepTruckin platform, the Asset Gateway and dashboard can be used by customers whether or not they require Vehicle Gateways or operate tractors.

Yes. The cellular-enabled KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway constantly collects and sends GPS and vehicle data to the KeepTruckin Fleet Dashboard even if your driver is not connected to the Driver App.

All location history data for drivers and vehicles is stored on KeepTruckin servers and is backed up multiple times across multiple data centers. Fleet managers can  access location history data for the duration that the driver was using the KeepTruckin App and for the duration that the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway was installed in the vehicle.

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