Fleet and Vehicle Diagnostics

Catch vehicle maintenance issues early with fault code detection and real-time alerts.


Automatic monitoring

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway automatically monitors fault codes through its direct connection to on-board vehicle diagnostics.


Instant alerts

If an issue occurs, it is instantly displayed on the KeepTruckin Dashboard, and fleet managers receive a fault code notification.


Flag recurring issues

Repeat fault codes are highlighted in historical reports so you can catch important issues faster.

Catch maintenance issues early

Fault codes are detected by the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway and immediately displayed in the Dashboard with actionable descriptions. Fleet managers can also set instant fault code notifications.

Stay on top of vehicle health

Fleet and Vehicle Diagnostics combined with Vehicle Inspections gives you everything you need to stay on top of vehicle health across your entire fleet.

Frequently asked questions

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway relies on a J-Bus or OBDII connection to the ECM. This connection provides access to comprehensive data, such as fault codes.

The KeepTruckin App allows drivers to create vehicle inspection reports. If a driver reports a defect, you will be alerted in the KeepTruckin Dashboard.

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