Vehicle Gateway:
fleet manager guide

Vehicle Gateway:
fleet manager guide

Get all the latest info, from adding and assigning drivers to managing accounts.


Getting started


Add a vehicle

Once you’ve logged into the Fleet Dashboard, go to the Admin section to add a new vehicle.


Setup your driver’s
Vehicle Gateway

Assign the Vehicle Gateway and install it inside the vehicle you added in the previous step.


Create your driver’s profile

In the Admin section of the Fleet Dashboard, create a new driver profile so that drivers can connect and start using the Vehicle Gateway!

Understanding the LEDs

The Vehicle Gateway emits lights to communicate its status.

No GPS signal or
mobile connection
Check cable connections
Updating firmware
Everything is
working properly
Driver App is not

How can the Vehicle Gateway improve the
safety & efficiency of your business?


Your Vehicle Gateway is installed…
What’s next?

If you want to see additional information about how your drivers can use KeepTruckin, we’ve got your questions covered.


How to install and assign the Vehicle Gateway

To install the Vehicle Gateway, first make sure that your vehicle is turned off and the parking brake is engaged for safety. You should have received the correct cable for your vehicle…

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Understanding the LED indicators on the Vehicle Gateway

The Vehicle Gateway has two LEDs that help customers understand if there is an issue with their device. Below you will find a list of LED statuses, along with their meaning and…

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How to edit and assign the Vehicle Gateway

Fleet Admins have the option to edit a vehicle’s information and assign a Vehicle Gateway to any vehicle. The following steps outline how to complete these actions using the KeepTruckin Fleet…

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Pair our industry-leading AI Dashcam with your Vehicle Gateway to help lower costs and prevent accidents by up to 30%.

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