Fleet WiFi Hotspot

Simplify operations and save money with a high-speed in-cab Fleet WiFi Hotspot.


Simple connectivity

Instantly connect to a 4G LTE hotspot built into the Vehicle Gateway—no additional hardware or setup.


Save money

With 500MB/month of free data, reduce or eliminate the need to purchase or reimburse data plans for drivers and save money.


Real-time tracking

Receive real-time vehicle location, event, and HOS information without using mobile data.

Connect with ease

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway will automatically broadcast a WiFi network. Drivers can connect to the KT Hotspot with any WiFi capable mobile device.

Real-time visibility and complete compliance confidence

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway sends HOS data to the driver’s mobile device via Bluetooth or USB, ensuring being compliant even without a cell connection. All driving data is sent to the dashboard via WiFi—providing admins real-time visibility into operations.

Frequently asked questions

KeepTruckin Hours of Service data is always transmitted from the Vehicle Gateway to the phone via your choice of Bluetooth or USB. Data will be sent to the dashboard when a connection is reached. With KeepTruckin, losing a cellular connection won’t put your compliance at-risk.

No. Your KeepTruckin contract covers everything.

We partner with AT&T, the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network.

No, the KeepTruckin Pro and Enterprise plans include 500 MB of data per unit per month. KeepTruckin Starter plans do not include WiFi Hotspot.

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