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6 Questions & Answers to Help You With Your ELD Transition

6 Questions & Answers to Help You With Your ELD Transition

The FMCSA ELD mandate applies to most commercial motor vehicle drivers. As per this new ELD rule, after December 2017 most CMVs will need to have electronic logging devices (ELDs).

As the December 2017 deadline approaches, most trucking companies are now going for ELD implementation as a result. If you are one of those companies, and need some help with the information, we are here.

Here are some most common questions that organizations ask while transitioning towards ELD implementation.

Question 1: Does the ELD Mandate apply to my fleet? What’s the deadline?

Does the ELD mandate apply to my fleet?

The ELD Mandate covers nearly all fleets and drivers that are required by the FMCSA to maintain their records of duty status. However, there are a few categories of vehicles and drivers who are exempt from this ELD mandate.

For instance, pre-2000 vehicles do not need to have ELDs. Apart from that, towaway drivers, drivers who do not have to maintain RODS, and drivers who maintain RODS for less than 8 days in a 30-day cycle are also exempt.

For more details on the different types of drivers and vehicles that are exempt, read ‘Is Your Fleet Exempt From The ELD Rule?’

The ELD Mandate requires almost all CMVs to transition from paper logs to ELDs by December 18, 2017. Here is an infographic that explains the timeline.

ELD Mandate Compliance Timeline

Question 2: Is my selected ELD provider meeting all the mandate requirements?

Meeting all ELD requirements

Before choosing an ELD provider, you need to ensure that the product they are offering complies with all of FMCSA’s technical requirements. KeepTruckin is certified by the FMCSA and fulfills all the requirements put forward by the ELD Mandate.

Question 3: What is the real cost of ELD implementation?

The real cost of ELD transition and ELD implementation

The FMCSA estimate says you can expect an annualized compliance cost between $165 and $832 per truck. There’s also the device, installation, and training costs. With the estimated costs that ELDs will save you, they will practically pay for themselves in a few months. Trucks equipped with ELDs get lower insurance rates too.

KeepTruckin offers the best rates in the market, with the lowest cost and most features. It gives you an excellent package by only charging for the monthly fee with as low as $20 per month. And this $20 per month is all you pay. It means that there are no additional charges for hardware, installation, or support.

Before you buy ELDs from any ELD vendor, make sure you check out this ELD price comparison chart to find the exact cost you will have to pay.

Question 4: Which ELD features are important?

Which ELD features are important? A question to ask before ELD implementation

The ELD Mandate requires devices to gather a limited amount of data. Some ELDs, like KeepTruckin, collect even more to help trucking companies.

Recording information such as vehicle-performance parameters, speed, rapid acceleration and hard braking, can help you understand the overall picture of how your fleets operate. With KeepTruckin you get real-time vehicle visibility and driver status too that you can use to implement good driving practices.

Furthermore, you also get access to our IFTA reporting feature that makes lives easier for fleet managers.

Question 5: Do we need an employee training program?

Employee training program

Yes. Employee training is vital, transparency in the implementation of the ELD technology process is important. Drivers need to be made comfortable with the new technology, and you need to make sure they know how to use it.

KeepTruckin has one of the best rated active support centers that help trucking companies, truck drivers, and owners find all the answers they might need.

Question 6: If my fleet is exempt, will I still benefit from transitioning to ELDs?

Benefits of ELD transition

Yes. Despite the exemptions, however, many fleets are choosing electronic logging devices because of the various benefits ELDs offer. With advantages like HOS Compliance, lower long-term costs, easy management, simplified IFTA Calculation, improving CSA Scores, etc. implementing ELDs become a no-brainer.

Get on the Compliance Train

You can download the free KeepTruckin app for Android and iPhone. Let’s help you get your fleet on the road to compliance!

You can also request a demo for the KeepTruckin ELD, and a product specialist will get in touch with you with all the information you need.


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