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ELDs Are Coming: Why Some Fleets Are Starting with E-logs Now

ELDs Are Coming: Why Some Fleets Are Starting with E-logs Now

The ELD mandate will require all drivers to transition to ELDs. If you’re on paper, to get ahead of the mandate without adding costs, consider starting with e-logs. It will allow drivers to get acquainted with electronic systems while still maintaining the editability factor associated with paper logs.

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A well designed e-log should mirror the aesthetic of paper logs — drivers shouldn’t face a steep learning curve. This allows for an intuitive transition from paper logs to e-logs.

What are the real benefits of e-logs compared to paper logs?

1. Like paper logs, e-logs are fully editable. So if you make a mistake on your hours of service, it’s no problem! You can easily adjust your duty status to reflect the changes.

2. E-logs save you time. Writing your carrier information each day on your log can be cumbersome. With e-logs, repeated information only needs to be added once, after which the information auto-populates for future logs. For drivers, this means less time on paperwork and more time on the road.

How will e-logs eventually help me transition to an ELD?

Evaluate your electronic provider without financial risk:

E-logs allow your fleet to get comfortable with a new system without investing in ELDs. Change can be implemented in pieces by starting with e-logs, which gives everyone a chance to test the software and the vendor’s customer service before buying.

Reduce the learning curve:

Making the jump straight from paper logs to an ELD is not always easy. The format is not the same — logs are not editable. However, going from paper logs to e-logs is much easier because drivers still control their hours of service. We think that this is a great first step in transitioning to electronic log formats.

How to start with e-logs.

Transition is a chain reaction. We suggest getting a few of your drivers to try e-logs. If they like it and the success rate is high, before you know it, others will transition from paper logs to e-logs. Upgrading to an ELD is simple once high e-log adoption is established, which will make ELD mandate compliance a breeze.

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